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"We love her voice and can’t think of a singer she sounds like.  Yeah, she’s got a little bit of Jill Scott and Tori Kelly, and if you look at her Insta you can hear more killer jazz chops – but her pronunciation is positively unique.  Could it be her Scottish background?  Perhaps.  Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous..."

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"Susy K is a singer who had her musical origins in opera, but found herself in soul music. She gave an interview to Roadie Music where she talks about her various projects and her new EP “Hear It From Her”..."

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"Heartbreak and disappointment are the emotions that tend to arise after an episode of betrayal, and in “Hear It From Her” Susy K channels these emotions to create a beautifully emotive listening experience..."

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"Within seconds of listening to Scottish singer-songwrtier Susy K‘s it is easy to find yourself wrapped up in the effortless grooves and the smooth, nuanced vocals that are sure to become synonymous with the artist..."

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"Setting the tone with out-of-this-world and enigmatic guitar licks fused with percussive detailing, before a riser introduces us to an emotive vocal performance, we are already hypnotized by Susy K‘s new single, Heal..."

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"Her songs are imbued with groove, with substantive style and effortlessly easy vocal performances that make you want to move to the beat. The first single from her upcoming project, ‘Hear It From Her’, ‘Heal’ is a perfect teaser of a piece that captures the soulful exuberance of Susy K’s arrangements..."

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